ul. Orzeszkowej 22
35-006 Rzeszów, Poland

mobile: +48 500-427-093

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I render my service in the following fields depending on the needs of the Client:

  1. providing legal advice;
  2. representation in courts and administrative offices;
  3. preparation of:
    • opinions and legal information in the Client’s pre-ordered range of interests,
    • internal documentation relating to corporate functioning, including commercial companies,
    • legal records and internal documentation necessary because of Polish labour law,
    • all kinds of contracts, including civil and business agreements,
    • all sorts of documents, including pleadings in courts and papers in enforcement, administrative and public procurement proceedings;
  4. registration of commercial companies, associations and foundations;
  5. participation in negotations that are meant to conclude, change or cancel the legal agreements.

In case of continuous cooperation I adjust the scope of service to unique expectations and needs of the Client. The cooperation is based on the use of IT techniques and – depending on the Client’s expectations – personal visits at the Client’s premises are possible.

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